Our Heroes

Lisa Ali Lisa Ali
Lisa Ali Associate Client Advocate - Business Insurance
Maggie Anderson Maggie Anderson
Maggie Anderson Client Advocate - Aviation
Michelle Amshoff Michelle Amshoff
Michelle Amshoff Wellness Engagement Consultant / Account Advisor
Brooke Banet Brooke Banet
Brooke Banet Wellness Engagement Consultant
Rebekah Baranowski Rebekah Baranowski
Rebekah Baranowski Account Executive – Indianapolis
Mollie Bean Mollie Bean
Mollie Bean Managing Director – Indianapolis
Amy Bowman Amy Bowman
Amy Bowman Client Advocate - Lexington
Wanda  Burba Wanda  Burba
Wanda Burba Account Executive
Pamela Brandon Pamela Brandon
Pamela Brandon Account Manager - Employee Benefits
Chris Chastain Chris Chastain
Chris Chastain Client Advocate - Personal Insurance
Ted Christenson Ted Christenson
Ted Christenson Account Advisor - Personal Insurance
Charity Cissell Charity Cissell
Charity Cissell Director of Operations
DonRicka Colbert DonRicka Colbert
DonRicka Colbert Commissions Analyst
Ron Crimm Ron Crimm
Ron Crimm Account Advisor - Business Insurance
Jessica  Curry Jessica  Curry
Jessica Curry Communications Specialist
Michelle Dunaway Michelle Dunaway
Michelle Dunaway Director of Strategic Benefits Unit
Christi Dunn Christi Dunn
Christi Dunn Accounting Manager
Brock Evans Brock Evans
Brock Evans Account Advisor - Business Insurance
Karen Fantini Karen Fantini
Karen Fantini Account Manager - Employee Benefits
Connie Fitzgerald Connie Fitzgerald
Connie Fitzgerald Client Advocate - Personal Insurance
Bobbie Fryrear Bobbie Fryrear
Bobbie Fryrear Client Advocate - Business Insurance
Robin Gagel Robin Gagel
Robin Gagel Client Advocate-Personal Lines
Valerie Gilliland Valerie Gilliland
Valerie Gilliland Account Advisor, Employee Benefits
Terence A. Gordon Terence A. Gordon
Terence A. Gordon Account Advisor
Jesse Gray Jesse Gray
Jesse Gray Benefit Advisor
Andie Cain Griffith Andie Cain Griffith
Andie Cain Griffith Client Advocate - Employee Benefits
Al Gustafson Al Gustafson
Al Gustafson Account Advisor - Business Insurance
Neill Harrington Neill Harrington
Neill Harrington Associate Director - Indianapolis
Becky Hedgspeth Becky Hedgspeth
Becky Hedgspeth Account Advisor - Personal Insurance
Loretta Hirsch Loretta Hirsch
Loretta Hirsch Operations Manager – Indianapolis
Diane Inmon Diane Inmon
Diane Inmon Client Advocate - Business Insurance / Medical Malpractice
Vicki Jaggers Vicki Jaggers
Vicki Jaggers Client Advocate - Business Insurance
Ruscinda Johnson Ruscinda Johnson
Ruscinda Johnson Account Manager - Employee Benefits
Roger J. Kelley Roger J. Kelley
Roger J. Kelley Vice President - Lexington
June Lanham June Lanham
June Lanham Account Executive - Employee Benefits
Michele Lathan Michele Lathan
Michele Lathan Client Advocate - Personal Insurance
Jim Lawless Jim Lawless
Jim Lawless Account Advisor - Lexington
Julie  Hayes Leahy Julie  Hayes Leahy
Julie Hayes Leahy Vice President - Medical Malpractice
Anne Leppert Anne Leppert
Anne Leppert Benefit Advisor, Individual / Medicare
Amy Adams-Littell Amy Adams-Littell
Amy Adams-Littell Account Executive, Employee Benefits
Michael Meiners Michael Meiners
Michael Meiners Account Advisor - Employee Benefits
John Melvin John Melvin
John Melvin Account Advisor - Lexington
Regan Moore Regan Moore
Regan Moore Account Executive - Employee Benefits
John  Neace John  Neace
John Neace President - Business Insurance
Crysty Nurse Crysty Nurse
Crysty Nurse Account Manager
Barbara O’Donnell Barbara O’Donnell
Barbara O’Donnell Account Manager
Mike Pratt Mike Pratt
Mike Pratt Account Advisor - Aviation / Business Insurance
Michael Rademaker Michael Rademaker
Michael Rademaker Vice President, IT
Jason Rankin Jason Rankin
Jason Rankin President-Employee Benefits
Duane Ray Duane Ray
Duane Ray Licensed Consultant, Vice President
Christopher Reynolds Christopher Reynolds
Christopher Reynolds Account Advisor - Business Insurance
Jill Schulten Jill Schulten
Jill Schulten Account Executive
Terri Searcy Terri Searcy
Terri Searcy Vice President
Tammy Seppenfield Tammy Seppenfield
Tammy Seppenfield Accounting Supervisor
Bud Shunnarah Bud Shunnarah
Bud Shunnarah Account Manager - Employee Benefits
Nina Seigle Nina Seigle
Nina Seigle Vice President, Human Resources
Cindy Smith Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith Client Advocate - Business Insurance
Lisa Smith Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Marketing Manager - Business Insurance
Todd Sorrell Todd Sorrell
Todd Sorrell Vice President - Medical Malpractice / Business Insurance
Diane Sousan Diane Sousan
Diane Sousan Vice President
Glenda Spalding Glenda Spalding
Glenda Spalding Marketing Coordinator
Rhonda Stearman Rhonda Stearman
Rhonda Stearman Account Manager
Caroline Striegel Caroline Striegel
Caroline Striegel Account Manager – Employee Benefits
Barbara Swank-Gallegos Barbara Swank-Gallegos
Barbara Swank-Gallegos Account Manager – Commercial Insurance
Don Thompson Don Thompson
Don Thompson President
Mary Jane Tigner Mary Jane Tigner
Mary Jane Tigner Client Advocate - Personal Insurance
Ruth Tincher Ruth Tincher
Ruth Tincher Account Manager - Lexington
Sherry Tracy Sherry Tracy
Sherry Tracy Account Manager - Employee Benefits
Brenda Trauth Brenda Trauth
Brenda Trauth Client Advocate - Business Insurance
Taylor Walker Taylor Walker
Taylor Walker Team Lead, Personal Lines
Bev Watson Bev Watson
Bev Watson Client Advocate - Employee Benefits
Landon Wisdom Landon Wisdom
Landon Wisdom Administrative Assistant
Deborah A. Woodward Deborah A. Woodward
Deborah A. Woodward Account Advisor - Employee Benefits
Brenda Gillispie Young Brenda Gillispie Young
Brenda Gillispie Young Account Manager, Personal Lines