Caroline Striegel

Account Manager – Employee Benefits

Resides in the beautiful city of Floyd Knobs, IN. I hit the ground running in the medical insurance world in 1985 and have not stopped since. Enjoy working with clients in assisting them with their renewals, benefits, claims, etc.

Fun Facts about me:

  • My mother was born and raised in France and moved to America when she was twenty. I was able to spend an entire month in France in 1989 with my grandmother who didn’t speak English nor did I speak French, believe me there was a lot of sign language going on!
  • Love fishing, camping, and the outdoors. Did I mention I love fishing?! My goal is to catch the “gooch” someday!
  • Been married for 28 years and have two wonderful daughters along with a wonderful Jack-A-Ranian dog.
  • My favorite quote would be to “Plan your future – but do it in pencil."
Caroline Striegel