Mollie Bean

Managing Director – Indianapolis

Over 13 years of industry experience providing guidance and consulting services to clients.

I am responsible for managing the overall Indianapolis location and organizing efforts to meet internal and external goals.

Fun Facts:

Growing up in a small town just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, my mother used to tell me that I could be anything I wanted to be… The President of the United States, Miss America… little did she know that I would grow up to be an Epic Superhero!

Having served in employee benefits in Indianapolis for over 13 years, I know the service and value a caring, passionate advisor can bring to the struggles all employers face. My goal and the goal of our Epic Indy Team is to make you a superhero to your company and your employees.

My biggest cheerleaders are my two daughters Erin and Emily – they are the women I wish I was at their age. I am a huge college football fan and any given Saturday in the fall you will find me rooting for the Vols (or the next most likable SEC team.)

Beach rather than mountains; Dogs rather than cats.

My favorite quote:
"The discomfort we feel when the boundaries shift is the measure of our allegiance to the way things are.” - Kathleen Norris.

My translation:
Shake it up once in a while; it’s more fun than you think!

Mollie Bean