Lisa Day

Account Manager – Employee Benefits

After my honorable discharge from the US Air Force in October 1991, I have been involved in the healthcare industry in some capacity since the early 90’s including: Accounting Department of Family Health Center; Family Practice front office reception desk; Humana; insurance brokerage; provider vendor recovery for UofL Hospital; rehired at Epic in October 2015, totaling 13 years at an insurance agency.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoy various cuisines of food; travel especially where there’s sun, beach, and ocean; experience of different cultures; shopping.
  • Have 3 cats – Tony, Yani, and Scottie.
  • Stationed in Berlin, Germany, when the Wall came down during the 1st Gulf War. My dorm was actually located in Hitler’s Tempelhof Central Airport!
  • I am a Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.
  • Attended JCC, UofK, and UofL but bleed BLUE (BBN)!!!
Lisa Day