Jessica Curry

Communications Specialist

Epic Employee since June 3, 2013

Many refer to me as Superwoman, but if you must know my real name is Jessica Curry. Since I could not partake in solving crimes all day, I decided to pursue a degree in Advertising from Indiana University Southeast. I do in fact have a sidekick that helps me tackle the scary villains of life: Caesar, my three old boxer. He is more than just my brave and tough side kick; he is also cute as a button!  I married my best friend and second partner in crime, Drew Curry, on November 5th, 2016.

I enjoy the fields of advertising and social media. I am also a huge University of Louisville and Colts fan, a “connoisseur” of brews and bourbon, and the best aunt to the cutest niece and nephew, Peyton and Skylar.

Fun Facts:

  • I love to clean
  • I am the youngest employee at Epic Insurance Solutions
  • I love the show The Walking Dead
  • My favorite Superhero is Iron Man
  • I am an aunt to the coolest kids ever - Peyton and Skylar Dunn!
Jessica  Curry