Loretta Hirsch

Operations Manager – Indianapolis

Responsible to the Epic Indianapolis team to make sure that all internal resources are available and coordination of time and material to insure timely implementation of all services for both external and internal clients. Has over 12 years of agency experience and brings a seemingly never-ending level of enthusiasm to the team.

"Office Mom" matriarch of the office family. The workplace equivalent of the room mother or school nurse -- supplier of tissues and advice, the person who knows who has a cold and who is going through a breakup, the shoulder to cry on at the office. I form close personal relationships with young and older team members in the office, and am always present. Go out of my way to be supportive, and a leader in the sense that I help keep valuable employees happy and healthy.

Fun Facts:

  • Married to Chris; three grown children: Michael, Kristen, and Matthew; and two lovely grand-daughters; Krystin and Mayah.
  • Proud pet parent to Henri, a Labra-Doodle, and Chip and Ranger the Mini Golden-Doodles.
  • Avid reader and crafter!

StrengthsFinder: Learner, Achiever, Activator, Input, and Futuristic

Loretta Hirsch