Third Party Administration Services

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Imagine if you had the freedom to run your business without the burden of costly insurance premiums.

What if you had the time to grow your organization and invest your talents into leading your business, rather than being burden by insurance claims?

With our Third Party Administration (TPA) services, you have a partner that is an expert with industry leading tools and techniques for navigating the difficult aspects of claims management – increasing your freedom, flexibility, time and positive outcomes.

Working with a TPA is often more cost effective than processing your insurance claims in-house, but the benefits of partnering with our Risk Solutions team aren’t confined to simply saving resources.

We work with self-insured and large deductible plans to serve as:

  • An industry expert to make sure your incidents/claims are handled according to the industry best practices
  • A safeguard between you and the day-to-day claim administration
  • A buffer between you and your employees’ claims
  • A conduit between you and your insurance carrier

We address Workers’ Compensation and Property & Casualty claims by:

  • Specializing in customizing our services to meet your needs
  • Utilizing a state of the art claim system
  • Customizing management reports and client dashboards
  • Providing cost containment strategies that generate a return on investment
  • Aggressively pursuing subrogation
  • Analyzing loss history & identifying prevention strategies

Additional Information:
Jeff Rausch
Vice President, Risk Solutions

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Jeff Rausch