Loss Prevention Consulting

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What if you had the confidence to see risk as an opportunity for growth, rather than a potential for catastrophe?

Risks are crucial for growing and developing successful businesses and teams, but employers are often intimidated by the possibility of loss, rather than encouraged by the possibility of gain.

At Epic Insurance Solutions, we believe in helping business owners experience the profits and growth that effectively managing risk affords.

Our Loss Prevention Consulting services enable you to safeguard your organization against unanticipated events by effectively mitigating damaging risks.

We identify, evaluate, and address exposures to loss so your organization can achieve its objectives and optimize its performance.

Our Loss Prevention Consulting capabilities include:

  • Risk Assessments: review operations, facilities, & policies
  • Safety Plans: review, develop, & implement
  • Loss History Analysis: root cause analysis & mitigation plans
  • Industrial Hygiene Services: air, noise, & exposure
  • OSHA: training, compliance reviews, audits, & mitigation plans
  • Environmental: assessments, plans, & mitigation
  • Education: monthly loss prevention newsletter

Additional Information:

Jeff Rausch
Vice President, Risk Solutions

Jeff Rausch