Ways to Reduce Your Aviation Insurance Rates

2-12-14  | Aviation  | Mike Pratt

If you have a plane, there may be a few ways you can reduce your rates that you may not know about. Of course, it depends on which company you are insured under but a few methods are:

  • Obtaining an instrument rating
  • Keeping your aircraft in an enclosed hangar
  • Participating in a pilot proficiency program (for example, the FAA’s Wings program)
  • Increasing your flight time
  • Maintaining a claim-free status for a certain period of time
  • Tweak your coverage during the month(s) you know you won’t be flying (for example, if you don’t plan on flying all winter call us to see if your coverage can be reduced to storage only)

Want to find out if any of the above methods would help your rates? Contact our aviation advisor Mike Sherrard.

Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt

Owns Louisville Aviation, the oldest flight school at Bowman Field and enjoys flying his Cessna 310R or Cessna 195 on days off.