Claims Consulting

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What if you could resolve claim issues effectively, so you could minimize their cost and reduce the impact on your cost of risk?

What if you had a partner to advocate for you, so you didn’t waste time negotiating with insurance carriers?

What if you could understand your claim trends, so you could prevent lose events from recurring?

We believe businesses should be able to fulfill the conditions of their insurance policy, while minimizing the harm they experience from claims.

Insurance claims make up the majority of business’ insurance expenses, which makes effective claim management a crucial aspect of decreasing your insurance costs.

Our Risk Solutions team advocates for you and your business, helping you to strategically manage your claims through our consulting services.

We offer Claim Consulting in areas like:

  • Open and legacy claim reviews & closure strategies
  • Reserve reviews & analysis
  • Insurance carrier & TPA claim handling reviews
  • Claim audits
  • Client advocate in claim reviews with insurance carrier

Additional Information:

Jeff Rausch
Vice President, Risk Solutions

Jeff Rausch