Scams & fraud schemes … How to recognize and avoid them

1-14-13  | Personal  |

With the condition of our economy an alarming number of folks have resorted to stealing your money.  They are coming up with some incredibly creative ways to catch you off guard.  The FBI is the primary agency going after these folks.  Here are links to the handy tips they’ve put together for recognizing and preventing common fraud schemes:

Common Fraud Scams    
- Telemarketing Fraud   Internet Scams
- Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud   - Internet Auction Fraud
- Identity Theft   - Non-Delivery of Merchandise
- Advance Fee Schemes   - Credit Card Fraud
- Health Care Fraud/Health Insurance Fraud   - Investment Fraud
- Redemption/Strawman/Bond Fraud   - Business Fraud
    - Nigerian Letter or “419″ Fraud
Investment-Related Scams    
- Letter of Credit Fraud    
- Prime Bank Note Fraud    
- Ponzi Schemes    
- Pyramid Schemes    

Many of us are particularly concerned about our parents (and our own selves as the baby boomers reach the ‘vulnerable’ age).  We need tools to help identify the special techniques used to target this group. Here are links to a few areas the FBI has identified as targeting Seniors:

- Health Care Fraud/Health Insurance Fraud  
- Counterfeit Prescription Drugs  
- Funeral and Cemetery Fraud  
- Fraudulent “Anti-Aging” Products  
- Telemarketing Fraud  
- Internet Fraud  

 Thanks again to the FBI for providing this valuable information.