Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions

What if you gained the freedom and flexibility to run your business without the fear of unexpected insurance events or the safety and security of your staff?

What if you gained the confidence to see risk as an opportunity for growth, rather than a potential for catastrophe?

Now, think about the difference it would make to have a business partner focused giving you the freedom, flexibility, and confidence to grow your business by understanding and managing your risk exposures.

At Epic Insurance Solutions, we believe in helping business owners maximize the operational success and potential of their business.

We believe you should be able to make decisions for your business confidently, empowered with the flexibility you need and free from the negative “what if’s.”

As your advocates, we work to reduce the probability that your business and your employees will suffer due to unanticipated events. We help you to optimize your organizational performance by identifying, analyzing and implementing strategies to minimize your exposures to loss with our Risk Solution Services, including:

Third Party Administration (TPA):

Learn more about our TPA services here.

Claims Consulting:

Learn more about our Claims Consulting service here.

Loss Prevention Consulting:

Learn more about our Loss Prevention Consulting service here.

Additional Information:
Jeff Rausch
Vice President, Risk Solutions

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