Insurance Checkup

Why You Need a Family Insurance Checkup

Because as your family grows and changes, so do your insurance needs. A Family Insurance Checkup gives us a chance to learn what changes have taken place in your life and to help you adjust your coverage accordingly. For example, you might be paying for maternity coverage, after you're done having children. Or maybe you've done a major home redecorating project, but your homeowner's insurance is still based on the original contents of your house. Perhaps your kids have graduated from school and are living on their own, but you've forgotten to take them off your car insurance policy.

What Is an Insurance Checkup?

Periodically it makes sense to schedule an appointment with us to review your major insurance policies, talk about your coverage and make sure you understand what is covered, what isn't covered and how you would be compensated in the event you have to make a claim.

Insurance policies are complicated contracts with many options. As insurance professionals, it's our job to understand those options, however, we can't add the option unless we know that the exposure exists. We have a checklist of questions we will ask about your lifestyle and exposures in order to uncover any hidden or new exposures. As you're talking to us, you should pose some "What if..." questions.

With an insurance checkup, we may find that you're paying for coverage you don't need. Or you may realize that you're failing to insure things that you would like to be covered by insurance. Either way, wouldn't you rather have a policy that is ideally matched to your exposures?

While not every insurance checkup will result in lower premiums, it's still smart to regularly reevaluate your insurance policies to ensure they continue to meet your needs and cover all of your risks.

Has it been a while since you last evaluated your insurance needs? Contact us to schedule a checkup today. We will arrange a convenient time to stop by our office, or we can handle your checkup over the phone.